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Since our foundation in 1992 we have worked with over 100 companies in the computer services and solutions market ranging from niche specialists to global service providers.

Our primary operational focus is on all aspects of business development. Developing a predictable and growing revenue stream is at the heart of most of our engagements because it is the key to enterprise growth and prosperity.

We also aim to act as a trusted advisor to executive teams and offer a range of innovative solutions which incorporate Forensic Management principles and which are designed to deliver measurable improvements in operational performance.

Our collective objective is to use our research findings to help our clients identify and implement ‘best practices’ in tactical and strategic areas.

We develop strategies to facilitate growth, market penetration and business development performance.

We use our expertise and market connections to help growing companies optimise their business potential.
We undertake strategic engagements designed to improve performance and margins in specific areas.

We work specifically in acquisition integration, customer base development and sales productivity.


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