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Corporate Career

After an early career with ICL in the UK and Australia he spent 3 years with the Ministry of Finance in Fiji as System Development Manager.

On returning to the UK he joined the ICL Senior Executive Programme and then Hoskyns as a Senior Consultant working in the financial services sector.

His next appointment was as Managing Director of Lonsdale Systems Ltd which specialised in developing systems for the international insurance sector. He then joined BIS Insurance Systems as Managing Director before returning to Hoskyns as a Divisional Managing Director.

In 1986 Hoskyns became a public company with Simon becoming the Group Marketing Director.

Following the acquisition of Hoskyns by Cap Gemini he retired to form Simon Orme and Associates.

Current Activities

  • Managing Partner of Simon Orme and Associates

  • Founder of the Forensic Management Foundation

  • Applied research in the technology sector

  • Private investor and independent advisor

Applied Research

Doing the right thing is the most effective manner is a key contributor to business success. The research projects undertaken by Simon Orme and Associates are designed to identify ‘best practices’ and then develop process and execution models which will address specific business issues.

Contact details

Mobile: 07767 642 095